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A Shadow that Left the Logic of Its Own Existence

How could writing be materialised to lead a performative reading? How could performative reading be materialised? How could reading become writing? How could reading be materialised as writing on the site of action?

This experiment was undertaken in two events. One was at “Writing as Practice, Practice as Writing”, organised by the Society for Artistic Research, in 2016,and the other was at the symposium “Creative Resistance: Architecture, Art, Writing, a Life ...” at the University College of London, in 2017. The perfor- mative reading/writing involved a paper model, folded papers that were un-folded throughout a 10-minute presentation.

The first part of the presentation was to read from folded papers in my pockets. The second part was to pull strips of paper from a box while reading. After being read, each folded paper was placed on the table. And each strip pulled out of the box while reading was left hanging from the box on the table. At the end, there were layers of read texts and red strips hanging from the box. The whole stage of the presentation was changed after the act of reading. The reading of the written text wrote on the stage and changed it.

Sepideh Karami
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