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Decolonising Infrastructures: 

Making Architecture in an Ecological Era

This research aims to expand architecture as decolonising infrastructures and support structures by situating it in contested ecologies and troubled sites that are complicated by the forces of labour, migration, colonization and exploitation of natural resources. These troubled sites are eradicated, occupied, destructed homes, where (dehumanized) human and non-human inhabitants are subjugated, ignored and silenced by the “human-centred” project of “development” and “progress”.

To expand how decolonizing infrastructures take shape, the project follows Walter D Mignolo’s work on decolonization as the processes of ‘de-linking’ from coloniality and ‘re-existing’ beyond colonial logic. It looks at colonization through the extraction of natural resources and takes its current case studies from ecologies shaped by oil extraction. 

*This project is assisted by Simpsons Postdoctoral Fellowship in Architecture, at Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Relevant output:

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