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When Parrots of Tehran Confess

"When Parrots of Tehran Confess" is a series of short interrupted stories, situated in Tehran where parrots hear, memorize and imitate stories of forbidden loves, displaced city dwellers and forces that have silenced them. Together with Elahe Karimnia we performed and presented this experiment of storytelling in the conference Crafting a Sonic Urbanism: Listening to Non-Human Lifeorganised by Theatrum Mundi on 18 March 2021.  

In this performance, parrots tell you three short stories, taking place in three urban stages of an Abandoned Garden, an Embassy and an Abandoned Barrack. In these three places, parrots have developed their sonic relationship with tehran through mirroring, eavesdropping and fooling. Through these acts, they narrate the story of many, who had to flee from their homes and who ended up in neverending longing for their lovers, from whom they were separated.

Abandoned Garden

Abandoned Barrack

In the Embassy

In the Embassy

You can see the presentation here:

* Many thanks to our friends in Tehran who helped us with recording the sounds of Tehran: Katayoun Amoozgar, Fatemeh Salahshour, Azadeh Karimnia, Mahbod Mehrin, Babak Karami.

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