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Book as Performing Ground

The PhD book, Interruption: Writing a Dissident Architecture, is a (semi)handmade book that is not only a documentation of the research but also a performing ground that enacts and stages concepts developed in the thesis. The thesis presents a series of performative writing experiments that are situated in politically charged architectural sites, from public spaces, to institutions, to domestic spaces. The book investigates how a dissident architecture could be produced through the practice of writing, specifically by offering an account of the performative acts of various characters who are introduced in the thesis, and who critically inhabit existing architectural sites, interrupt the spatial power relations of those sites, and who therebyconstruct ‘performing grounds’.


In this performing ground, the artistic researcher becomes one of the characters who leaps out of the book and once more experiments with the concepts developed in the thesis. The book consists of three parts and it opens from two sides. The middle book that is a black book is about a house of dissidents and hides itself in the middle of the book. To read the black book one should close the book and open it from the other side.

This book has itself been a gesture of dissidence within the context of institutions and tried to find its own minor and singular way of being by not totally leaving the institution, but by finding ways to circumventits regulations. The book sits stealthily in the dust jacket of the institution.

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